The Best Gaming Mouse for Every Gamer

The Best Gaming Mouse for Every Gamer

Choosing a gaming mouse is personal. Everyone plays different games and has distinct hobbies and skills. That’s why we’re lucky to live in the golden age of gaming mice when huge manufacturers compete on technology, and the market has cheap, high-quality mice.

We’ve tested various mice and have many ideas, but we can’t tell you which is best—wired or wireless, with more or fewer buttons. These are the best gaming mice and mousepads for all players.

Looking for a Great Mouse? Watch Your Palms

When purchasing a mouse, size matters. Logitech’s G305 was too small for my palm, so I had to strain my wrist to hold it. Needs improvement. How you hold your mouse also matters. Do you use your whole palm? Simply your fingers? Are your fingers and palms clutching the mouse?

Measure your middle finger to palm length and choose a mouse close to that length. Make sure your mouse is narrow enough by measuring your hand. Rocket Jump Ninja’s useful tool proposes mice based on hand size after you measure. Just for the Razer mouse, Razer offers a handy lesson. To play more comfortably, measure your hand.

Gaming mouse: Steelseries Prime Wireless

Best Wireless Mouse

I always loved SteelSeries gaming mice. They have good lights, not too many buttons, are inexpensive, and have a modest design. But I fell in love with the SteelSeries Prime Wireless Mouse. The Prime Wireless Mouse features a few buttons and suits several hand sizes.

It shows professional esports design. The mouse and buttons click quickly. Even the reception range is impressive. My PC tower is 10 feet away, yet the Prime Wireless always maintains connection and jumps across the screen, even when it’s low on power (which seldom occurs with 100 hours of battery life). It glides across most surfaces.

Best Corded Mouse

  • SSenseiTen

This mouse is both classic and modern. The compact, lightweight Sensei Ten boasts remarkable technology. When you pick up and move the mouse, as when you’re on the edge of your mousepad and need to return to the middle quickly, its tilt-tracking sensor maintains it. For competitive gaming, the Sensei Ten may save milliseconds while moving your mouse. Those looking for a quick, light, and comfortable gaming mouse will adore its sleek and accessible design.

  • Logitech G203

While cheap gaming mice lack functionality and performance, the Logitech G203 never disappoints. Look elsewhere for high sensitivity, but the sensor has six buttons, Logitech’s G Hub software, and RGB lights. Usually more expensive.

  • Logitech MX3S

The MX Master 3S is better than many gaming mice while not being one. Additional configurable buttons and a horizontal side-scrolling wheel are added. Comfortable beyond belief. This mouse’s smooth palm arc and thumb rest reflect Logitech’s mouse expertise. The thumb-resting button is there. Senior reviews editor Parker Hall and other WIRED staff use this mouse daily.

Mouse For Gaming Competition

  • Pro X Superlight 2,

Fast-paced FPS games value speed. In virtual reality, the milliseconds between your brain instructing your finger to click a button and the game capturing it might be fatal. The Logitech Pro X Superlight 2’s 32,000 DPI sensor and 2K polling make it quick for a wireless mouse. It holds the USB wireless receiver, features two programmable side buttons, and is easily grasped.

Mouse For Fast Click

  • ProAirRoccatKone

My family likes Roccat’s Kone Pro Air mouse. It is lightweight, with beautiful semitransparent lighting and speedy buttons. This wireless mouse is less reliable at range than most of our favorites, but if you keep it on your desk, it’s OK.

Easy Wireless Charging Mouse

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless

Esports professionals created Logitech’s G professionals. Rapid response times and ergonomics position more buttons where your fingers rest. The wireless receiver’s 1-millisecond response time makes lag-free headshots feasible. The buttons are comfortable and lasting due to mechanically tensioned springs underneath the left and right keys and precise vital plates.

A charge lasts 48 hours, but the wireless charging-mat bundle lets you forget charging.

  • Corsair M75 wireless

There are few top gaming mice for lefties, but Corsair’s M75 is ambidextrous. It has the smoothest mouse skates and a symmetrical design. It connects via Bluetooth or a 2.4-GHz dongle. Two thumb buttons on opposite mouse sides enable shortcuts for each hand. You may choose flat or slightly raised magnetic button tops.

  • Logitech G Pro Wire

The Logitech G Pro corded mouse is simple and dependable. It is strong, with snappy clicks and an esports-friendly design. The back of the mouse is bright enough to recognize it as a gaming mouse without turning your desktop into a planetarium. This mouse is responsive and sufficient for competitive gaming without extra features. It is a professional tool.

Mouse For Button Mashers

  • Corsair Scimitar Elite Wireless

Almost a decade ago, I wanted Logitech to make a wireless mouse like the G600. Corsair intervened as I waited. Configure the Scimitar Elite Wireless’s 12 left-side thumb buttons with shortcuts, macros, and functions. Overwatch 2 requires this mouse, and although I prefer Logitech’s software, Corsair’s is more portable.

  • The SteelSeries Aerox

The SteelSeries Aerox 9 features side buttons similar to the Scimitar Elite but cheaper. While SteelSeries claims the grid cutout shell decreases mouse weight, my roommate thinks it promotes trypophobia.

  • The Razer Naga Trinity

The Razer Naga Trinity is a great mouse, but the Naga V2 Pro exceeds it in nearly every way (including price). Like the Trinity, the V2 Pro includes three detachable plates with customizable buttons. This set features a more natural panel with six buttons in a curved grid than the Trinity’s round plate. The mouse has Razer’s ultra-customizable scroll wheel and wireless charging puck space.

Computer and Mouse Electronics Hardware may be in this shot.

  • HyperX Pulsefire 

HyperX Pulsefire is a fantastic budget gaming mouse. It features fast response speeds, adjustable RGB lighting, a comfortable chassis, and two thumb buttons. It doesn’t have removable side plates or a wireless charging pad, but most gamers can use it. It’s a fast performer at an affordable price, considering it’s usually reduced.

Wireless mice may be problematic for high-speed games that require millisecond responses. Razer built the Viper V2 Pro for competitive gaming to solve this. This 2.4-GHz dongle polls at 1000 Hz to update your cursor’s position every millisecond. It is standard and suitable for most. The Razer Hyperpolling Wireless Dongle ($30) may extend the polling period to 8000 Hz for competitive gaming.

  • SteelSeries QcK Mousepad

One of the cheapest methods to enhance PC gaming is a nice mousepad. Mouse-and-keyboard gamers benefit from mouse-friendly surfaces. You get a gorgeous, compact desk space for mouse use and a speedy, friction-free, smooth surface.

This is different from your typical gaming accessory. Portland-based Grovemade’s wool felt pad fits keyboards and mice. It feels silky under your wrists, and these gaming mice glide over it like glass. This is startling. Felt desk pads add elegance without formality to any workspace. RGB-lit gloomy spaces look great in bright colors. This inexpensive and easy solution personalizes your work and play environment.

Gaming mouse differ from PC mice in several ways:

Gaming mouse should have quicker optical sensors to detect small movements.

  • More buttons:

 A good gaming mouse has a scroll wheel, a sensitivity adjustment, and two thumb buttons. Extra thumb buttons help in competitive games.

  • Better buttons: 

They need more and better buttons than office mice. Left and right buttons should have switches to detect rapid clicks and withstand more clicks than a mouse. Premium gaming mice use innovative mechanical switches for a more tactile click.

  • Polling rate: 

Most games may be played with a 1000-Hz polling rate, but fast-paced competitive games where split-second actions can decide victory may benefit from a quicker mouse.

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