How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac

Mouse acceleration is not always accurate, and it can be difficult to control. Or You are trying to play games on your Mac computer and the mouse is not responding as you want it to. Maybe You have a Mac computer, but you can’t find the option to disable mouse acceleration.

You are frustrated that the mouse is moving faster than you want it to, especially when you are playing games and need precision.

Disable Mouse Acceleration in Mac OS X with this guide!. Follow these steps to disable mouse acceleration on a Mac computer and make your mouse respond as you want it to!

Mouse Acceleration Explained:

Mouse acceleration is a setting in Windows that determines how fast the cursor moves in relation to the movement of the mouse. If mouse acceleration is turned on, the cursor will move faster when the mouse is moved quickly. If mouse acceleration is turned off, the cursor will move at a constant speed, regardless of how quickly the mouse is moved.

Some people prefer to have mouse acceleration turned on because it makes it easier to move the cursor around the screen. Others prefer to have mouse acceleration turned off because they find it difficult to control the cursor with mouse acceleration turned on.

How to disable mouse acceleration mac?:

Open the terminal 

As a backup to check your current preferences execute the following command :

“defaults read .Global preferences”If you have a trackpad replace it with a mouse, return to the system’s default settings through typing in “defaults write .globalpreferences” and pressing enter.

Afterward, the results should be updated

when you are done restart your computer


In conclusion, mouse acceleration can be disabled on a Mac computer by following the steps above. Improving your gaming experience and making it easier to navigate your computer will be helped by this. 

Moreover, disabling mouse acceleration on a Mac is a relatively easy process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can make your cursor movement more precise and predictable. Thanks for reading!


How to check mouse acceleration mac?

If you’re playing a game or working on a document and find that the cursor jumps around erratically, it’s likely that your mouse is accelerating. This can be corrected by adjusting a few settings in your operating system. Here’s how to check your mouse acceleration, and how to adjust it if necessary.

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